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  1. Rajugar Mikadzuki says:

    Everyone needs a Braum in his live. For me hes the reason i played so many years support and i would but League is not the same anymore for me. But he will still be my favorite char of all time because i loved it to be there if a friend in the team needed a shield and with the help of my girlfriend we were a synk botlane and a steady steam role down there. I hope one day i come back to Runeterra to see him again and have a lot of fun.

  2. L0rd_of_cows says:

    The frelyord needs more champions. It's crazy how, exclusing reworks, Ornn is the newest frelyorr champion, followed by braum and gnar, and Braum is the only one of them to really use the ice theme

  3. Nro7 says:

    Comentario en español aparece xD, en fin:
    Este es uno de esos campeones a los que no les importa quien seas, siempre se muestra dispuesto a alentarte sin echar juicio alguno, fluye como un río sin importarle nada más que ayudar y salvar incluso a aquellos que son menospreciados. Un honor llevarlo a M7, es el héroe definitivo por excelencia.

    El único ejemplo de un gran ser humano aunque solo exista en nuestros 🖤.


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