Les Escoles Oficials d’Idiomes (EOI) són centres públics, no universitaris, d’ensenyament d’idiomes moderns, que imparteixen els ensenyaments especialitzat

Our school

The Official Language School of Figueres began its activity in September 2003 in the building of the Clerch i Nicolau foundation after the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the City Council of Figueres reached an agreement. The EOI Figueres is currently located in the Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer integrated training center on Ronda Sud 3 (at the junction with Avinguda Vilallonga). See map

The school has classrooms where language classes are taught, all equipped with a video projector and a computer with internet connection. in addition to a library and a computer room in order to offer a pedagogy adapted to new technologies.


The Official Language School of Figueres is a regional center for regulated language teaching (German, English and French) that teaches and certifies up to the 5th and last level of the EOIs in accordance with the common framework. of reference of the Council of Europe.


The EOI of Figueres wants to consolidate itself as a center of reference in the teaching and learning of languages, considering them a way of improving the individual and understanding among citizens, in which the student develops a active role.


· Interdepartmental cooperation and work.
· Autonomy of the student as an active protagonist of the teaching-learning-evaluation process.
· Both pedagogical innovation and the use of new technologies.
· Willingness to collaborate and be open to the environment.

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